Best Business Formation Service- Inc Authority Review 2022

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It doesn’t have to be tiresome to start your own business. 

Inc Authority can assist you if you want to create a business.

Inc Authority(best business formation service) supplies the direction, information, and services required to form a corporation or limited liability company.

The intricate regulations and standards that govern the establishment and operation of LLCs and corporations can be challenging to steer. 

Every state’s laws are different, making it even more complicated.

Inc Authority is the best business formation service to take care of all the business-related paperwork, so you can concentrate on the other crucial factors of starting a business.

Also, it delivers a broad range of services, including tax, finance, and credit consulting.

So, how does it work, and what do Inc Authority reviews say about its service quality?

Today, we’ll look into Inc Authority’s services, pricing, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

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Inc Authority Review 2022


What is Inc Authority?

Inc Authority is the top choice for new company owners looking for a business creation service. 

At its essence, this organization makes business owners’ life easier by relieving them of arduous paperwork.

Since 1989, Inc Authority has assisted over 250,000 consumers with limited liability companies (LLCs) and other associated services. 

Inc Authority helps new businesses form limited liability companies (LLCs).

The free LLC filing setup service is its most popular package; all you have to pay are state costs.

Inc Authority verifies the availability of your business name, prepares and submits paperwork for you, and stores digital copies of your documents on its web portal.

Optional services, such as domain registration for your website and assistance from an Inc Authority advisor, are available to aid startups with other business needs. 

If you’re ready to start your own business, Inc Authority is an excellent place to start. You have to pay your state’s required filing fee only if you don’t choose any add-ons.

Inc authority strives to gain user trust and turn them into lifelong customers. 

It aspires to be your one-stop-shop for a new business launch by providing a single spot to access an entire menu of business startup services that can help you on the road to success swiftly and affordably.

Their expert advisors keep you informed on the latest LLC, tax, and financial techniques while assisting you with vital business specifics.

Full List of Services Offered by the Best Business Formation Service


  1. Federal Trademark
  2. Revocable Living Trust
  3. Business Credit
  4. Business Funding
  5. Business Plans
  6. Website and Marketing

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Free LLC(free LLC format)


Inc Authority understands the value of incorporation. That is why it is making running a business a smooth ride and safer for entrepreneurs through its free LLC format.

Confused about Incorporation?

Incorporation provides tax flexibility, reputation and firm name protection with numerous other benefits.

By incorporating, you isolate your business assets from your personal assets, ensuring that a lawsuit against your small business does not target your savings, house, retirement, or other personal assets.

A single-member LLC is used instead of a sole proprietorship. 

As a single owner, your personal assets are at risk(if your business falls into financial difficulties) because you and your firm are one entity. 

However, they recognize that forming an LLC or corporation can be expensive, and they want incorporation to be a realistic aim for everyone. 

Hence, offering free LLC registration is one way to accomplish this.

Because Inc authority waives its service charges, labor costs, and overhead, you get a free LLC, placing more money in the customer’s pocket. 

Customer filing fees are limited to the necessary secretary of state fees, which the customer must pay regardless of who establishes your LLC.

Another ground for delivering free LLC formation is that Inc authority wants to earn client trust first, pursued by the business for life. 

They are looking to earn customers for life by demonstrating their expertise & quality of work for acquiring other crucial business aspects like building business credit, obtaining business funding, selecting & purchasing a domain name, developing a professional website, and other business startup services.

They believe once you see how swift, efficient, and valuable its business experts are at LLC filing & LLC services, you’ll trust them more. 

Included With Free LLC|Inc authority review|


  • Business Name Check

Your business name will be checked within your state by Inc Authority.

  • Registered Agent

Inc Authority will not let you miss a single legal notice as it will be your registered agent for 1yr.

  • Digital Storage & Delivery

Your documents will be sent in digital format and securely kept online for convenient access.

  • Tax Planning Consultation

This free LLC format feature can assist you with tax planning consulting to conserve more of your money plus online upgrades.

  • Preparation & Filing

Inc Authority will create and submit your entity creation documentation to the state.

(S-Election Form)

Further, Form 2553, S-Election paperwork, is prepared and filed with the IRS by Inc Authority (optional).

  • INC CARE Support

Expert support personnel from the Inc authority will assist you with any questions you may have via email or phone.

  • Business Credit & Funding Analysis

A Business Credit and Funding Expert will evaluate your credit and funding requirements and propose possibilities.

Benefits of LLC Services| Best Business Formation Service|

In addition to tax advantages, Inc authority LLC services provide multiple other benefits like-

  • Limited Liability Protection

Due to limited liability protection, business owners cannot be held accountable for the company’s debts or lawsuits.

  • Simple Operations

LLC’s operations are subject to a few constraints.

As a consequence, business owners have complete control over the assignment of formal officer duties and the frequency of annual meetings. 

Furthermore, online LLC formation requires far less paperwork than usual.

  • Ownership and Management Flexibility

When you buy an LLC online, you’re constructing a corporate structure that provides its owners with a lot of leeways. 

As a result, owners can form a multi-member or single-member LLC (LLC can also be handled by members and managers).

  • Credibility

The best LLC service provides more credibility and enhances the stature of startups/ business owners because, in comparison to sole proprietorships, using LLC is a more profitable deal for commercial activities.

  • Funding Options

You’ll begin creating a credit history once you form an LLC. As a result, you’ll be competent to seek funding from financial institutions such as banks.

For What Kind of Business Is this Worthwhile? Inc Authority Review 2022

Any business can benefit from an LLC because LLCs are uncomplicated to set up and maintain, with no restrictions on the number of members or location.

Based on the notion of contract freedom, business owners merely need to agree on how to run the company among themselves, and the courts will uphold that agreement.

It is even better with no legal requirements for resolutions, revisions, meeting minutes, or yearly board meetings with an LLC.

How to Get Started with Inc Authority?

Inc authority expert panel will help you get started fast and easy and will answer all your questions.

To get started right away, phone(877-684-2836) or click start now for free in the image below.


Choose your entity and state to start the free entity formation procedure in only 2-3 minutes.


Inc authority’s professional panel will guide you through the process and answer any of your queries.

Inc Authority Pricing Plans

This package represents incredible value and can be purchased only through its team of business startup professionals. 

To get started, call 877-684-2836.

Refer to the images below for more details on startup bundle-



Starter Business Bundle

The starter business bundle can save you up to 75% and offers the following processes-

  • Verify Name Availability
  • Custom state filed articles
  • IRS Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Operating agreement/bylaws
  • Company seal
  • Initial meeting minutes & resolutions
  • Ownership certificates
  • Record book
  • Tax consultation
  • Website domain
  • Business email addresses
  • Annual compliance notifications

Also, it gives unlimited support benefits-|Inc Authority Pricing Plans|

  • IRS Notifications and Audits
  • Tax and Accounting
  • State Business Licenses
  • Local Business Licenses
  • Lawsuit defense
  • Payroll & business funding
  • Business banking
  • Credit cards

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Inc Authority annihilates the fear, confusion, and costly expense of initiating a corporation by supplying the best knowledgeable service around the clock to help you make the right decisions for your company.

Pros & Cons of the Best Business Formation Service


  • A free year-long subscription that guides business founders through the challenging aspects of launching a company.
  • Save time without confusion by using this convenient filing service.
  • Additional business services
  • Asset Security
  • Free LLC filing
  • Highly rated customer support
  • Tax Benefits
  • Capital Raising Capability
  • An easy-to-use platform that streamlines and simplifies the process


  • Pricey Upgrades
  • Only privately held businesses are eligible.
  • Can Lose Tax Pass-Through Status
  • Income Taxes Imposed by the State

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The Bottom Line| Inc Authority Review 2022|

Of course, having a limited liability company incorporated for free is a fantastic alternative for companies on a budget. 

Inc authority is an excellent service for startups on a budget, but it is valuable for everyone if used smartly. 

In addition to receiving assistance with paperwork preparation and filing, you will also receive a free year of registered agent service. 

You must, however, maintain track of dates to avoid paying extra for those services the following year.

Inc Authority has an exceptional track record and distinguishes out from the competition because of exemplary client feedback, 

It’s worth noting that this business has minimal customer complaints.

You may anticipate a competent and transparent service that will make the company creation procedure less stressful.

We expect the Inc authority to provide a little more essential information, but you may always contact their customer service with any questions.

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