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Bitrix24 Review

Keeping up with the market in real-time requires organizations to have a lot of functionality in their working modules. Free CRM software, on the other hand, may offer a wide range of features and configurable choices to guarantee that every organization receives what they need. With that said, this detailed Bitrix24 review is everything you need to know.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the cornerstone of a solid corporation. It is a way for an organization to keep track of all of its potential consumers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is primarily used to improve company interactions with customers.

I am sure you must be wondering, which free CRM software is the best around? Bitrix24 is one of the top CRM software for your organization and is a must-have in light of the innumerable benefits of CRM.

Then stay tuned if you are in charge of a small or mid-sized organization and want to improve your sales volume. In this Bitrix24 review, you will know everything about Bitrix24. From lead generation to why Bitrix24 is the finest free CRM software, we have got you covered.

What Is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a versatile platform that takes collaboration seriously. It is an online workplace with features to run your business and in a more productive manner. Project management tools, CRMs, chats, and video conferences are just a few of the many tools available, along with telephone tools and CRM marketing and analytics tools.

What makes Bitrix24 so appealing is that it combines all of these tools, which would be used separately, into a single online service. It is available in the cloud or on-premise with open source code access. The Unlimited leads, transactions, contacts, and companies. Oh, and the number of users per account is unlimited. Bitrix24 allows you to grow as you go and scale up.

Get Started With Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is the free CRM software that can also serve as a social networking tool. An Activity Stream is what Bitrix24 names its dashboard and data center. Members can collaborate, and each team member may check the work status of others and give assignments to various team members from this page. So, let’s get started with the detailed Bitrix24 review.


Bitrix24 dashboard reports

Bitrix24 offers you tons of reports. Work time, work reports, and absence charts for smooth team management are all they get you in a single platform. Automated work reports compile the employee’s accomplishments for the day, week, or month in an easy-to-understand manner.

A work time report shows how many hours employees worked, but an absence chart shows why they were absent. Supervisors can set up reports for the entire department or for specific individuals, depending on their needs.

Lead Management

Bitrix24-dashboard-lead generation

Bitrix24 comes up with Contact Management and Lead Management that are Web-based Lead Capture forms. Instead of starting from scratch, you may use the drag-and-drop web form creator and update an existing CRM form that already exists. Afterward, give the form a name, select a backdrop color, and you are done. To view and update forms in the Bitrix24 CRM Activity stream, click on the form.



You can use it to guarantee everything stays on schedule, on time, and under budget with its ability to plan and execute activities effectively. A task manager for groups allows you to keep track of time spent on projects and who is working on what at any given time. 

It is crucial to hold your staff accountable for their actions in order to offer yourself some peace of mind. You get to plan and manage projects from start to finish. Choose which employee will work on a specific job, and keep track of their progress when they reach specified milestones if you choose.


Key Features| Bitrix24 Review

Bitrix24 offers its users features that would boost your business and make your life simpler. Therefore, in this Bitrix24 review, it is time to reveal some of the mind-blowing features that Bitrix24 has to offer.

01- Task Automation

Bitrix24: An online collaboration and automation solution for organizations, includes a comprehensive collection of tools to assist you in achieving digital transformation. It also presents its users with a second module called RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that offers automation solutions that are easily customizable.

Additionally, it allows for automatic alerts, simple deadline follow-up, and keeping track of project changes and revisions. If your coworkers are running late, you may utilize the Almost Overdue Alert System to alert them.

02- Awesome new calendar

If you want all your employee activities on one calendar but your work meetings in another, Bitrix24 can help. You may use the Organization Calendar to arrange significant events for your whole company and alert all your employees. Whenever you set a meeting in Bitrix24 Calendar, the system gives you available time slots for each participant, making it easier to plan huge gatherings. Every participant will receive an invitation as soon as your event is created.

Public or Private settings are available for any events you create in Bitrix24 Calendar. If you are working on a top-secret project, private events can be observed only by their participants.

03- CRM Document Builder

So far, no other CRM offers a free form builder, quotations, or invoicing tools as part of its free service as Bitrix24 does! Also, the free plan comes with limitless form submissions. PayPal facilitates online payments. You may use Bitrix24 to create any form – online order, registration, contact us or support request, quote request, and so forth. 

Using the forms, your clients may pick and pay for your items and services online using CRM product catalogs. In addition to CSS, the forms themselves are entirely configurable. There is a limit of 100 documents you may upload under the Free plan, whereas the Commercial package allows you to submit an unlimited number of forms.

04- Websites

You get an incredible visual website builder with drag-and-drop landing pages and e-commerce shops. Moreover, Bitrix24 offers free domains and hosting. The templates are all mobile-friendly and responsive.

Then, you spend less than 30 minutes modifying a template to meet your style and marketing goals. Using Bitrix24, you can develop websites, landing pages, and online stores power-packed with a wide range of marketing tools and integrations.


05- New Contact Center

Through the use of an omnichannel customer contact center, staff may answer inquiries and provide answers across various modes such as live chats (live chat), instant messenger (instant messenger), telephone, or the Bitrix24 mobile app (mobile app). A customer inquiry allows your staff to see the complete history of client interactions at a glance, allowing them to respond quickly.

There are bots and artificial intelligence technologies that can help decrease the workload for customer care employees. Live chat and instant messaging alternatives are accessible, allowing customers to seek assistance through their chosen methods.

06- Expense Tracking

Expense monitoring is essential for effective cost management and keeping tabs on what your workers are spending their own money on: It is an incredible tool that allows you to record costs, create financial records, as well as, submit them for approvals, all in one accessible place. As long as the administrator is able to keep track of all the data, many users can produce expenditure records. Investigate other possibilities for this application.

07- Comprehensive communication Tool

Bitrix24 offers free collaboration software with a good variety of collaboration tools to guarantee that your teams can work together to complete projects.

  • Social intranet portal- To put it simply, the social intranet is a social media feed for your workforce. A site for intranet communication allows team members to publish announcements and create polls.
  • Instant messaging- Bitrix24 allows you to create public and chat groups for your teams to discuss their work. Bitrix24 offers a chat app that is accessible via the web, desktop, iOS, and Android.
  • Video conferencing- Instead of using Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts, this capability allows up to ten team members to join in a voice or video conference. They may also present crucial files, papers, or slideshows on their screens.
  • File sharing- It is possible to keep all of your data and documents in the Bitrix cloud or on your server. It is a great way to share your files and documents with others! You can add a password or restrict access to crucial documents.


08- Mobile Tasks

Due to the fact that we all use smartphones more than PCs these days, working with chores via a mobile application is a bit easy. Mobile access to tasks is possible with Bitrix24. Through the Mobile Tasks feature, you have access to lots of helpful checkpoints such as priority ratings, task statuses, deadlines, goals, and assessments. You may also designate responsibilities and share your duties.


09- Resource booking

Resource booking is a type of custom field. This revolutionary system allows you to respect both your and other people’s time and resources. Now, you can know exactly when a resource is available and book it in advance. Bitrix24 CRM allows you to put all of the essential information about the service booked along with the service name, time, and the specialist who will perform the service.

Just so you know, some of these excellent features are unique and only available in commercial subscriptions. To test out these fantastic features for free, we recommend starting your 30-day free trial.


Bitrix24 Pricing Plans

Bitrix24’s CRM software has a free plan and five paid premium plans, starting at $19 per month for two users when invoiced annually. Among the features included in the free plan are project management tools, chat, and video choices, along with sales-and-marketing capabilities, among others. So, let us have a look at the pricing plans of Bitrix24 in this Bitrix24 review.


  • Basic: $39/mo
  • Standard: $79/mo
  • Professional: $159/mo


  • Business: $2990 (one-time license)
  • Enterprise: $24990 (one-time license)

It features a fixed cost for all users, unlike other CRM companies that charge depending on the number of users. Because of the pricing structure, small companies and professionals may afford it without spending a fortune. In addition, they provide sophisticated business suits at a reasonable price for companies who want more from their CRM. Take advantage of the free trial for premium features to make an informed choice.

Pros And Cons Of Bitrix24


  • The data cataloging system has high scalability.
  • Automation of recurring tasks and processes
  • Allows you to monitor and visualize the entire sales flow of the company
  • Collaboration has grown and improves workflow and productivity.
  • Simplifies the communication process 
  • Multi-agent contact center
  • Integration with various business management services


  • Cluttered user interface
  • Hard to set up and use


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Final Thoughts On Bitrix24 Review

Is Bitrix24 a reliable option? Is it worth the money?

Well! Bitrix24 is hands down an impactful solution that improves sales, marketing, and customer service teams’ collaboration and efficiency. It is one of the best free CRM software & free CRM collaboration project management Software that is worth giving a try. It comes up with a 30-day free trial that will help you understand its features in a better way.

If you still have any questions about Bitrix24, let us know in the comments below, and do let us know if our Bitrix24 review was helpful.


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