Ontraport Review 2021: The Best CRM Software For Your Business

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Not surprisingly, these days, businesses have to integrate a lot of functionalities in their working modules to keep up with the market in real-time. The manual implementation of all the business features is near to impossible. In spite, if they manage to do so manually, then there’s plenty of time vanishes in this. And, in today’s world of brutal competition, doing business is not only remain about getting things done. But, it has become more about executing attributes more smartly. 

As we all know, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) acts like a pillar for a substantial business foundation. It is basically a system, in accordance with this, a company looks after the interaction with all its potential customers. The main motive of CRM is to enhance business relationships with the customers. 

Following the CRM system, businesses make use of various data analysis methods to scrutinize each and every aspect of the customer’s history. So, they can boost-up the company’s sales revenue. 

Considering the uncountable advantages of CRM for your business, it’s high time for you to get introduced with one of the best CRM software for your business, “Ontraport”. 



Turn Your Business On With Ontraport:



What Is Ontraport?

In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one platform for business solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. That consists of solutions like CRM, eCommerce, affiliate management, reporting, email marketing, one-click WordPress Integration, automation, and more in one place. 


Why Only Ontraport?

As I have mentioned above, Ontraport is a platform that not only looks after Customer Relationship Management aspects. But, it also provides business solutions like affiliate marketing, payment processing, email marketing, and a lot more under one space. Not to mention, by using Ontraport CRM, you can automate various facets of your business and save valuable time. 

In this Ontraport review post, we’re going to discuss in-depth details about its top business solutions, pricing, features, and much more. 




Ontraport Top Solutions:

These are some of the top solutions of Ontraport CRM software. Let’s see them!


Ontraport CRM-


With the help of Ontraport CRM, you can automatically track your contacts, engagements, processes, and all under one roof. That helps you to maintain seamless interaction with your customers. Through the availability of all the information in one place, you can easily access deep insights about your business in no time.


Marketing Automation-


It is undoubtedly one of the best solutions provided by Ontraport- the best CRM software. In accordance with this, you can automate the marketing campaign of your brands completely. It also allows you to create campaigns by using top-notch sales funnel attributes. The use of Ontraport’s marketing automation solution can save your business from daily manual paperwork and hence, enhance the conversion traits altogether. 


Email Marketing-


No doubt, nowadays, email marketing is one of the most influential forms of business marketing. By using this specific solution of this platform, you can access user-friendly and customizable email marketing templates for your business. That will definitely result in high conversion rates.




E-commerce has become one of the leading industries these days. Following this solution of Ontraport, you can access the complete eCommerce module. In addition to this, you can look after all the product selling tactics, including payment processing, customer orders, and much more. 


Marketing analytics-


By accessing the marketing analytics solution of Ontraport, you can get a complete overview of your business campaigns in real-time and manage various features of them accordingly. 


Other Main Functionalities Of Ontraport:


Referral programs-


The referral marketing solution of Ontraport makes you generate more website traffic, sales, and leads. It consists of a whole plethora of referral management tools that bring these features quite handy. 


Business Process Automation-


Instead of using different automation tools for your business, with the help of the business process automation aspect of Ontraport, you can get all things done in a very less amount of time. This one solo tool is sufficient to automate all your client communications and saves your time altogether.


Landing Pages-


Lander pages have become one of the prominent parts of business marketing in recent times. In accordance with this alternative of Ontraport, you can create professional-looking lander pages for your marketing campaigns. And that too without the need of some professional graphic designer!


Sales Force Automation-


By using the sales force automation solution of Ontraport, you can generate more leads for your business. How? Following its visual pipeline management, your sales team can work in a more organized manner. 


Membership Sites-


Following the membership site functionality of Ontraport, you can even manage your existing website and implement valuable marketing strategies from a single account. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ontraport: 



  1. Best customer relationship management attributes.
  2. It provides around the clock customer support.
  3. Powerful email marketing facets.
  4. WordPress integrations in membership sites. 
  5. Highly advanced automation properties.


  1. A bit on the expensive side.



Ontraport Pricing Insights:


The pricing structure of Ontraport is quite affordable and easy to understand. Before finalizing any Ontraport pricing plan, make sure to align your business requirements properly with it. These are the three pricing modules of this software-


1) Ontraport Basic ($79/Mo)

  • 1000 contacts
  • 1 Users
  • Unlimited Emails

2) Ontraport Plus ($147/Mo)

  • 2500 Contacts
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 2 Users
  • Setup Services

3) Ontraport Pro ($297/Mo)

  • 10,000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Emails
  • 3 Users
  • Setup Services
  • Postmaster Consultation

4) Ontraport Enterprise ($497/Mo)

  • 20,000 Contacts
  • 200,000 Emails/Months
  • 5 Users
  • Setup Services
  • Postmaster Consultation
  • Account Management

Amongst all the three Ontraport pricing plans, the Professional model is considered the most popular one. Currently, you can also sign up for the 14 days free trial of Pro Ontraport pricing plan. 


Hurry Up! Sign up For 14 Days Free Trial Now!


Ontraport Refund Policies:

According to the Ontraport refund policies, you can get your money back if you cancel your subscription within a period of 30 or 90 days, depending on your sign-up date. To do this, first, you have to cancel your account, then submit a refund request email to [email protected].

To know more insights about Ontraport refund policies, you can visit here



Final Verdict: 

Taking all the above features of Ontraport review into consideration, you can say that Ontraport is one of the best CRM software. Additionally, it provides plenty of other valuable business marketing, automation, and eCommerce solutions. After myself experiencing the powerful impact of Ontraport on my business, I will surely recommend this best CRM software to you. 


Give it a try and turn your business on!

What’s your takeaway from the above Ontraport review post? What do you think about this best CRM software? Want to add something more in this Ontraport review? If yes, then don’t forget to comment in the section below! And, if you like this Ontraport review post, so please share it in your professional circle!

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