Zenkit Review- A Robust Project Management Tool | Try now for FREE !

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Zenkit Review-A Robust Project Management Tool-Try now for FREE

Numerous tools in the market assist you with managing your lists and to-do tasks. Zenkit is known to be a robust planning system that is simple to use. It comprises most of the essential features of Microsoft Planner, WunderList, or Trello with various functionalities of a spreadsheet, database, or calendar. There is an option of mind-mapping along with web services for a few mobile apps. Some other features like a shortcut to the keyboard enhance Zenkit accessibility.

In a Nutshell

Zenkit is an excellent platform, providing tools for collaborative project management, and is regarded to be one of the best alternatives for platforms like Trello. With this, you can manage your data and create an organizational workspace for your team to carry over their tasks and ideas. 

The various functions like customization, management, issue tracking, collaboration make the workflow comfortable and productive. The tool functions work seamlessly irrespective of your team size and they can be altered as per your needs. 

Originally, the tool was in the German language, but there is also an English version available. Zenkit makes an effortless team up and your timesheets, projects, issues or ideas can be tracked very easily. There are other elements like reminders, notifications, task assignments, and comments that can be paired up with your teammates.

The latest addition to Zenkit is its Wiki View. This helps in organizing corporate data in the private website for knowledge sharing and content management. Multiple users can edit, create and collaborate wikis with topics and interests that can stimulate best organizational practices for the even growth of the organization. 

You can even set up mind maps, tables, calendars, and Kanban boards in sync with your data. Kanban is a hassle-free working method that comprises the capability to limit the work amount some can handle at one point in time. Zenkit is a Kanban app that can easily compete with big platforms like Trello.


Features of Zenkit

Let’s see the prime features of Zenkit,

Rich Text Editing– Can easily create visually aesthetic texts to give a better look to your work. You can use basic text or markdown to improvise your words over others.

Activity Tracking– With this, activities can be viewed as they happen. It is very easy to evaluate happenings individually, in your team, or collections.

Real-time Collaboration– It is easy to invite your colleagues, co-workers, freelancers to collaborate with you and your project.

Switch Views – This feature lets you view your data in several forms like the Mindmap, Calendar, List, Kanban, Gant, or a Table.

Sharing Files– You can easily share your documents and images from cloud storage service providers or your desktop completely offline.

Global Search – The integrated Global Search allows you to easily find any data with Zenkit.

Offline Mode – Zenkit can be accessed anytime, anywhere you wish to without connecting to the internet. Remarkably, even the web version supports offline mode. 

Favorites – You can mark important items in your favorite list which can be helpful when you want to access them in hurry and also tag them in groups.

Notifications – Notifications are meant to help you rather than distracting and you can customize them in such a way that you can access information whenever and wherever required.

Filters – Zenkit’s robust filters can quickly refine what you exactly want. You can also save the filters used frequently for custom viewing. 

Labels – These flexible fields are very flexible where you can assign priorities, categorize items, track progress, and many more. You can also organize the Kanban board by the label board created. 

Direct Email – Here, you can mail tasks to Zenkit and then tasks through unique email addresses where you can create new items from the inbox. 

Bulk Actions – You can add, remove or replace a value in any field with multiple items so that you don’t get stuck in doing any sort of data entry.

Drag and Drop – This lets intuitive arrangement of your projects and also moves your items along with the drag and drop process.

Shortcuts – This is a keyboard-based working where you can add items, labels, move branches of the mind map and perform many more actions with the shortcuts on Zenkit.

Mentions – This feature is helpful when you want to notify a team member immediately regarding some important information. You can ping your colleague to bring into conversation 

Commenting – You can team up with your peers through comments and stay connected for work. The posted comments can be edited later too. 

Zapbook – Zenkit can be integrated with Zapier to access more than 1000 of the apps and services of your choice.

References – References help you in keeping all your data in sync by connecting various items to create a database.

Custom Backgrounds – The platform can be easily customized that suffices both your and your team’s needs. By upgrading to Zenkit Plus, you can add images and background of your choice.

Colorful Items – You can use bold and bright colors to differentiate between tasks and make them easily stand out.

Formulas – Create formulas using number fields or references to connect, combine and analyze data from any collection.

Aggregations – The aggregation of any field of numbers gives you a quick overview of the data.

Rearrange Kanban Views – Here, you can group your Kanban board by any label from the lists and rows. You can even track the progression of members and create priority metrics.

Recurring Tasks – You can set up recurring tasks to avoid missing an appointment. Zenkit offers repeater-rules that are robust and flexible to work in any situation.

Global Calendar – You can have your information in one point by aggregating all your important dates and events.

Business-Ready Templates – There are numerous pre-designed business-ready templates, to begin with.

Team Inbox – This is a single place where you can view items assigned to you or someone. With this inbox for the team, you can easily create and assign items to the team without any technicalities. 

Gantt Chart – Gantt Chart helps you track and schedule your complex projects with proper timeline, lead or lag, milestones, critical path, etc.

To-do Lists, Checklists, Multi-level Subtasks – Checklist helps you add sub-tasks to your tasks and visually track progress and check things that are completed. You can also turn on your projects into a to-do list. When a task is marked as done, you can watch it move down in your list. The subtask option works similar to the checklist, but it includes real items. With this, you can easily build the hierarchies of your tasks at some level. 

Top-notch Administration – Zenkit adopts SAML-based SSO and uses provisioning to control users, monitor and audit activities in the organization.

Delegating Tasks – Zenkit makes it very simple to delegate your tasks and assign them to your teammates. You can also notify them about new tasks that require their interest.

Calendar Sync – Google Calendar Integration with Zenkit ensures you do not miss any appointments and your calendar is in sync all time.

2 Factor Authentication – This can be utilized by all Zenkit users to ensure your account security.

SCIM Provisioning – Zenkit employs SCIM providers like MS Azure AD that automatically sets your users in sync with the leftover infrastructure.

Assigning Roles – You can assign roles to users that improve work security and increases team productivity.

Team Wiki – Team wiki allows you to build and update content-rich and beautiful wiki quickly and lets you team up with wiki members in real-time.


Benefits of Zenkit

Zenkit can support and digitalize almost any collaboration workflow and methodology. Zenkit can be highly useful for,

⇒ Project Managers

⇒ Product Managers

⇒ Startups & Entrepreneurs 

⇒ Startup Accelerators

⇒ Schools & Teachers

⇒ Universities & Students


Zenkit easily integrates with Zapier, which creates integration between online services and other apps that aren’t connected. Remarkably, you do not need any sort of coding knowledge to start using Zapier. Zenkit can be easily connected to 1000 plus tools like Evernote, Gmail, etc.



Zenkit Solutions





∗ The business process can be automated

∗ Helps the team to stay connected

∗ Enterprise-grade organization management 

∗ Integrates with over 1500 services

∗ Great app for SCRUM

∗ Includes all features of Wunderlist, Trello, etc.

∗ Information Management best software

∗ Highly configurable Zenkit interface 


∗ Relatively low data storage limit

∗ More pricing options can be welcomed

Zenkit Pricing 


Zenkit Personal: Free, 1GB storage, 3 members, 500 items

Zenkit Plus: $9, 6GB storage, unlimited paid members, 50,000 items

Zenkit Business: $25, 50GB storage, unlimited paid members, 150,000 items

Zenkit Enterprise: Contact Zenkit for a custom plan


Zenkit is amazingly intuitive and is a great combination of complete project management functionalities to simple to-do lists. It lets you collaborate with multiple views like Mind Map, Kanban, Calendar, and Table. The super flexibility makes users create, view, and manipulate data. 

The Kanban and Mind-Map function brings transparency to the thought flow. The on-boarding process is intuitive and simple. You can also explore other elements like editing, checklists, rich texts, activity tracking, and many more.

To sum up, Zenkit is a great platform for productivity improvement, developing collaboration, and fetching transparency to workflow. 


SaasTrac Team

SaasTrac Team

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