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Planio Review – Best Online Project Management Software Of All The Time

Online project management software can help streamline your workflow, which elevates project management to a whole new level. It’s astonishing how a simple tool can make project management more productive and less time-consuming. In this Planio review, we will discuss one of the most versatile online project management software that has all the features you can ask for.

You can use it as a traditional online project management software, as an Agile project management tool, or even for Redmine hosting. This online project management software works really well when it comes to managing customer support services and other similar projects that involve time-sensitive actions. Let us now look at some of the features which make Planio stand out from the rest.

Easy Task Management

This online project management software comes with a highly productive issue tracker for better control over your project. Issue trackers give your projects a more structured approach, which makes it easier to break it down into smaller segments and keep track of each segment’s completion. Also, you can track issues based on subtasks, assignees, priority levels, due date, time spent on the task, and percentage-based task status.


You can even set the search filters to narrow down high priority issues by Assignee and save those filters. So, if a particular employee is under the scanner, this makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of his or her performance. This online project management software also lets you personalize the dashboard to show up the issues that you need to frequently go through. So, as soon as you log into your Planio account, you can see this customized dashboard that shows up relevant details without any further navigation. Also, you can choose between the traditional project management approach and the agile approach.

Designed for External Communication

Managing external communication such as customer support can be quite a challenge for businesses of all sizes due to their dynamic nature and applicable SLAs. Planio makes this more manageable as it comes with several features including automatic ticket creation. So, upon receiving an email, a support ticket is automatically created in Planio. As all the team members can access it through their Planio account, there is no need to worry about delays.

Boosts Productivity

Unproductive work hours can really hurt your labor budget, and increase your overheads. The only way to counter it is by adopting measures that can help boost productivity. For instance, if you are developing a SaaS product, this Agile project management tool lets you calculate the exact number of hours that go into developing a particular feature. Such insights not only let you manage your overheads more effectively but also helps you price your SaaS products in a more accurate manner.


Comprehensive Agile project management tool

In this Planio review, it is worth highlighting its flexibility, which lets you use the Scrum, Kamban, or waterfall frameworks. Also, this Agile project management tool makes Sprint planning extremely convenient with a drag and drop interface. So, you can set sprints to break down complex tasks and then set daily scrums to further break them down.


The task board of this Agile project management tool is fully customizable, allowing you to decide how you want your task board to appear. You can add columns, sub-columns, or swim lanes for each team member. Another striking feature of Planio is that you can create multiple task boards and use them at a later stage, which enables better time management.

Moreover, you can add notes to existing issues or create further new issues using the drag and drop tool. Finally, it lets you create Gantt charts and offers powerful visualization, which makes it easier to keep track of how your project is performing. Plus, if you are managing a consulting project then you can even download the charts as PDFs and share them with your clients.

Unleash the power of Planio’s Helpdesk

Planio’s Helpdesk is an exceptional tool that simplifies external communication by allowing a direct connection between your team members and the customer. This online project management software also comes with an intuitive in-built feature that makes email handling and record creation much simpler. Whenever an email from external IDs is received, Planio creates a record for it, which eliminates the need to do so manually. The tool extracts the company’s name and the individual’s name from the email ID and uses those details to create the record.

Again, you have the option to create and save email templates for common queries. For instance, if you receive customer support emails connected to a password reset or payment methods frequently, then you can create a template for such issues. Later, when you receive a query, you simply need to pull out the corresponding template while composing a message.

Planio Storage

Planio offers cloud-based storage for all types of files, regardless of their size or format. So, you can use files of all sizes on it, including the bulky CAD and audio-visual files. This works extremely well for remote audio-video editing projects, and the best is yet to come. Users can also check the initial unedited file at any time, and that explains the vast storage resources of Planio. You can buy this feature whenever your current storage (what you get based on your subscription plan) gets exhausted.

Redmine Hosting

Planio also offers Redmine hosting, which lets you leverage from this powerful open-source web-based tool and its stunning features. A few to mention are time tracking, issue editing, Gantt charts, roadmaps, and milestones. In fact, Planio is the number one Redmine hosting service provider that your business can rely on for everything from setting up to automatic update installations. Also, Planio’s team evaluates every Redmine update to confirm its stability and security. The makers of this online project management software also allow full control. So, you still have access to the settings through the Admin area.


Planio Pricing

Planio offers a 30-Day free trial, after which you can pick one out of the five premium pricing plans. For those with minimal requirements, Planio also offers a free basic plan under the Bronze package, which we shall discuss later. The five premium pricing plans are Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Enterprise. Regardless of which plan you choose, you can manage any number of issues. However, the number of projects would be limited based on the subscription plan that you choose.


While assessing the suitability of a particular plan for your business, you need to look into several aspects. You must pick one based on the number of projects that you wish to manage, the amount of storage you need, and other add-ons.  Currently, Planio offers the TeamChat feature along with all its premium plans, but later on, this may be sold as a pro feature. Coming to freebies, all Planio packages come with certain freebies such as SSL encryption, real-time backups, unlimited Git repositories, free imports, and customer support. Let us now explore this online project management tool’s free plan, followed by the five premium plans.

Bronze Plan

You’d be surprised to know that this Agile project management tool offers a free plan for those with limited requirements.

  • Price – Free
  • Storage – Up to 1 GB
  • Number of users – 1
  • Number of projects – 1
Silver Plan

The Silver Plan is a starter-level plan that lets you manage up to three active projects. The number of maximum users is also limited to five, which makes it ideal for small businesses. Since it offers only 5 GB data, you are provided with the option to purchase Planio storage for €5 per month. An additional €5 per month would also provide access to the Helpdesk tool. Both Planio Storage and Planio Helpdesk are optional add-ons. If you don’t need it, then you can also skip that option. You can always subscribe to them later when you scale up your operations.

  • Price – €19 per month
  • Storage offered – 5 GB
  • Maximum Projects – 5
  • Number of users – 5 Max
Gold Plan

Priced at €39 per month, this Planio package lets you manage up to seven projects and add up to 10 users. However, the add-ons viz Planio Storage and the Helpdesk tool are priced at €10 each, on a monthly basis. The Gold Plan is ideal for startups or temporary projects with limited requirements.

  • Price – €39 per month
  • Storage offered – 20 GB
  • Maximum Projects – 10
  • Number of users – 10 Max

The Diamond Plan is the most popular plan offered by this online project management software. Though it has a price of €75 per month, it is worth every bit of it. This plan includes the Planio Help Desk tool and the only add on you may want to purchase is the Planio Storage, which has a price of €15 per month. So, for €90 per month, you gain access to all the features of this online project management software, except for the Redmine Hosting.

  • Price – €75 per month
  • Storage offered – 40 GB
  • Maximum Projects – 15
  • Number of users – 20 Max

The Planio Platinum plan is ideal for mid-sized businesses that offer customer support as it comes with the Planio Help Desk feature. It also comes with other pro features such as Planio Storage and Team Chat, which justifies the price you pay for it.

  • Price – €149 per month
  • Storage offered – 80 GB
  • Maximum Projects – 40
  • Number of users – 45 Max

The Enterprise plan starts at €299 per month and increases depending on your organizational needs. However, for the base price of €299 per month, you get a decent 100 GB storage and can manage up to a hundred projects and a hundred users, which makes it ideal for larger businesses. This plan supports Redmine Hosting and you can request for Redmine plugins from the support team. If your requirements exceed the offered service under the base price of €299 per month, then you would have to approach Planio’s Sales team for custom pricing.

  • Price – Starting from €299 per month
  • Storage offered – 100 GB or more
  • Maximum Projects – 100 or more
  • Number of users – 100 or more

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As we conclude this Planio review, we’d like to highlight its two main features — Simplistic UI and affordable pricing. This is one of the best online project management software, which you can use for both technical and non-technical projects. Also, you can use its traditional and Agile project management tools simultaneously. So, on one end you could have a SCRUM-based approach to manage your software development teams, and on the other, you can manage your non-technical resources such as the support teams. That makes this online project management software a one-stop solution to manage all your teams and projects.


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