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Managing Sales is all about closing deals as quickly as possible. Doing this requires you to focus on the most profitable deals, which are likely to convert. As picking out such deals requires several hours of data crunching, you need to find the right technology to speed things up.With the right sales pipeline software, you can easily simplify this time consuming and frustrating task. As a result, you save time, money and make the right business decisions. In this Pipedrive review, we would tell you how you can save several hours by automating tasks and simplifying the decision-making process through this highly intuitive interface.

We know the challenges involved in picking out the right deal by aggregating data from various sources, analyzing it and then re-thinking which leads to prioritize.

Obviously, you need to focus on leads that are most likely to convert into customers, but how do you find them? We know that finding such leads can be overwhelming. In this Pipedrive review, we’ll tell you exactly how you can pinpoint your best leads, without spending too much time and money on it. Did we say ‘money’? For additional savings, don’t forget to check out our Pipedrive promo code towards the end of this review.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a powerful sales pipeline software, which allows businesses to focus on commercially rewarding deals. This pipeline management software makes it easier for small businesses to manage their sales processes by identifying and focusing on the most profitable deals.

Pipedrive’s interface is divided into deals, activities, contacts, and statistics, which collectively help you make the right business decisions. Its intuitive software recommends the best resources to execute specific sales-related tasks and more.

Add and Follow-up deals effortlessly

Depending on your skill and convenience, you can add in leads straight from another platform, or a spreadsheet. You can do this by uploading spreadsheets or integrating Pipedrive with other CRMs — the choice is yours. Once you do that, you can easily access lead-wise communication from anywhere through Pipedrive’s easy-to-use mobile application.

You can then add deals by clicking on the ‘add deal’ button and can also classify the deals based on its various stages. You can then design communication for each one of them, which allows you to build an effective lead conversion strategy. Also, you can add custom activities to each deal and assign them to a particular team member.

If you are a new manager, then Pipedrive won’t let you down. This pipeline management software will recommend the best resources to carry out particular tasks for you, which is awesome. Once you have allocated the right activities to your most efficient team members, then half the battle is won. You can then take a look at the dashboard to keep track of what’s happening with that particular deal. So, you don’t have to waste your time on meetings or follow-up emails.


Customize Pipedrive based on your needs

Pipedrive can help you store all your data, exactly like you want to, and sort them according to your preferences. So, if you are an Admin, you could add custom data fields just like the ones you have in your spreadsheets. Also, you could add filters to the custom fields as you do to any other field. This means you can narrow down the exact data that you want.

For example, if you want to classify your leads based on campaigns, then you could add a custom field called ‘Campaign Name’ and then import relevant data from the spreadsheet. Next, you could easily use the filters and classify all the data based on campaigns. This lets you know exactly how many leads you got from a particular campaign, which lets you ascertain how profitable that campaign was.

Import Data and Manage Duplicate Records

If you run a lead generation campaign, then it is more than likely that you have all the information regarding your potential leads inside a spreadsheet. Now, this data could be clean or may have duplicate records that need to be fixed. Duplicate records are multiple records that may belong to the same person or the ones that have similarities.

The only way to sort this out is by hiring someone to manually classify the entries, which would make this task more expensive and time-consuming. This is where Pipedrive, a pipeline management software can make things easier. So, if you have multiple records belonging to the same person, then based on the other fields, Pipedrive decides the best course of action.

For example, if the First Name, Last Name, Organization fields are all the same, but the phone numbers are different, then Pipedrive merges the two records into one. So, when you hire resources to call up these leads, you save up more money, which would otherwise be spent on calling the same person twice.

Skip Files

Pipedrive may come across entries that could be incomplete or have some other issues that need to be fixed. So, if Pipedrive isn’t sure of what to do with a particular record, then it isolates such entries into a brief report. For example, if there are an equal number of similar and varying fields in certain records and Pipedrive cannot decide whether these include duplicate or unique records, then Pipedrive does what no other sales Pipeline software can — it isolates the data and puts it into a Skip file.

A skip file is a collection of unimported data, which needs to be rectified before you can re-import it into Pipedrive. Skip files include isolated data that was not imported into Pipedrive due to some very specific reason. To help you fix it quickly, Pipedrive provides details of each record that it skipped along with the record-wise reason for doing so. So, you can manually correct the errors in the skip file and then import the same into Pipedrive. This saves time, maintains data integrity, and also saves money.

Automatic Emails at different Deal Stages

Pipedrive is truly the best sales pipeline software that allows you to shoot automatic emails to your leads, at different stages of the deal. So, if you set automatic emails to be shot to all leads in Phase D, then this happens automatically when you move a particular deal from Phase A to Phase D. You can continue to do this until the deal is won or lost, so this pipeline management software allows you to automate communication, besides letting you manage and sort out the customer data.


Workflow Management

No Pipedrive review can be complete without stressing on how effectively this sales pipeline software facilitates workflow management. Besides automating stage-wise emails, you can also tag an activity to a certain team member, each time the deal is moved to a particular stage. So, if you want John to send an exclusive discount coupon to certain leads that are within a specific stage, then you can automate it.

So, every time the lead is moved into that particular stage, John gets notified to send a discount coupon to that particular lead. Once John is done with the task and receives a response, he then moves that deal into the next stage. You can then have Peter making calls and talking to each of those qualified leads that John moved into the next phase. It’s that simple! In fact, you can also set a specific time for John or Peter to complete their individual tasks.


The coolest thing about Pipedrive is that this pipeline management software lets you choose one of its pre-designed templates and customize it according to your convenience.  However, you could also choose to create it from scratch. Coming to who gets to manage the workflow, Pipedrive keeps it pretty straightforward.

This pipeline management software allows multiple Team Managers to work at the same time, without interfering with each other’s workflows. Every Administrator has the power to enable or disable a workflow. However, when it comes to editing a workflow, an Administrator can only edit the one that he has created.

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Lead booster

Pipedrive’s Lead booster allows you to create a fully customized chatbot to automate conversations, boost engagement and to capture leads. So, by automating the most asked queries through this tool, you can greatly reduce the lead response time and increase your conversions. You can even book meetings automatically with your customers and channelize it to your employees.

Plus, the lead booster is completely customizable, and you can make it appear like an existing part of your website. To do this, start by configuring the lead booster’s look and feel according to your brand’s logo and existing website design. Next, you can personalize your chatbot like you want it to appear and give it a name. So, if you run a restaurant business, then you could have an egg-shaped bot with a funny name that resonates with your brand. You can then choose a conversation template, depending on your sales strategy and customize it with the necessary information.


Pipedrive offers four pricing plans that you can choose from — Essential, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise. The Essential plan is the most basic plan and is priced at $12.50 per month. Next comes the Advanced plan, which is priced at $24.90 per month and comes loaded with useful features that enable tracking and automation.

If you wish to subscribe to a plan that makes it easier to collaborate and cascade activities, then the Professional plan would be the most suitable. This plan is priced at $49.90 per month, however, if you have over 10 users and certain other special requirements then you must opt for the Enterprise plan, which is priced at $99 per month.  You can get a 14-Day free trial for each of these plans and try them out before subscribing to the paid plans.

Coming to Lead Booster, this is a stand-alone product offered by Pipedrive which is not included in any of the four plans. So, if you wish to add Pipedrive’s lead boosting chatbot to your website, then you would have to buy that as an add-on. However, the Lead Booster is quite affordable at $32.50 per month. So, although the Lead Booster does not come bundled up with any of the other plans, Pipedrive keeps it pocket-friendly, which is great for small businesses.


Essential Plan
  • Priced at $12.50 per month/user
  • Customize Pipelines and Fields
  • Manual Linking of Emails to contacts and deals
Advanced Plan
  • Priced at $24.90 per month/user
  • Sales Task Automation
  • Easy Tracking
Professional Plan
  • Priced at $49.90 per month/user
  • Sales Task Automation
  • Easy Tracking
Enterprise Plan
  • Priced at $99 per month/user. Minimum 10 users.
  • All of the Above
  • Dedicated Support
  • Managed Data Transfer


In this Pipedrive review, we have highlighted only the most striking features of this sales pipeline software. This gives you a snapshot of how this simple and easy-to-use pipeline management software can save you hours of work and help you make profitable business decisions. However, while trying out this pipeline management software, make it a point to use our Pipedrive promo code to ensure additional savings.


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