ProWorkflow Review 2022 | Streamline Your Workflow Management With ProWorkflow

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Managing workflow is one of the challenges of being a company owner. Do you feel that you need the best online project management software to streamline your projects?

Are you tired of managing your workflows? If so, you should consider switching to ProWorkflow, a top workflow management software that helps companies simplify their workflows.

You can collaborate with multiple people simultaneously with real-time task management.

Workflow management is essential to any business. If you do not have a good workflow, you will end up with unnecessary work and complications in your day-to-day operations. 

We all know that the time lost due to inefficient workflow management can cost a lot of money and time. So in this review, we will share an unbiased Proworkflow review. With this tool, you can simplify your work and collaborate more effectively.


About ProWorkflow


Using ProWorkflow, you can manage your projects online. From start to finish, you can track project progress.
Assigning tasks, and assignments, allocating time, and establishing rates are some of the most valuable features found in ProWorkflow.

To streamline communication, automate routine tasks, and create custom workflows.
It offers rich features like integrations and customization that make this software easy to use. 

You can readily check which of your employees is free to accept another task. And also, check the active status of tasks.
In addition, it facilitates the management of workflows, projects, and time allocation.
This project management tool is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and startups.


Language: English
Suitable For
: All Industries – freelancers, startups, SMEs, and enterprises
Supported Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac
Pricing Model: Monthly and Annual Subscription
Web-based Deployment: Cloud Hosted
Business Specific: All Businesses
Integration- Integrating accounting tools, storing files, and automating processes are easy.

It also offers add-on Integration with the app store, adobe extension app, Microsoft teams integration, and Microsoft Outlook integration.

Login to ProWorkflow


After this, there will be a new screen saying Let’s Name Your Account where you will be required to add the company name and industry type and click the Next button to proceed.


Then clicking next, you will get redirected to the Enter Your Details page, where you need to enter your details like- your name, surname, number, and email ID, and clock on next. 


After clicking the Next button, log in to the dashboard of ProWorkflow

Dashboard of ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a fast, easy-to-use project management and time-tracking solution.

It can help you keep an accurate timesheet and the project schedules and delegate project tasks while using the timeline to have an overview of company activity. 


Look at this image above to know what the ProWorkflow Dashboard looks like when you log in.

You can get a time-tracking solution for your job. To check how much time got invested in each activity. Furthermore, it offers file-sharing and communication features that keep you up-to-date all the time. 

Also organize your tasks and time with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, documents, communications, quotes, and invoices. Easy onboarding makes ProWorkflow a good choice for project managers.

Then there will be a new screen saying Let’s Name Your Account where you will be required to add the company name and industry type and click the Next button to proceed.

On clicking next, you will get redirected to the Enter Your Details page, where you need to enter your details like- your name, surname, number, and email ID, and click on next.

Once you press the Next button, you’ll be able to log in to the dashboard of ProWorkflow


features-proworkflowLet us look at some of the features offered by this ProWorkflow software-

  • Project-
    Easily collaborate on projects with relevant stakeholders. You can have a project board view to know who is doing what tasks so that work overload can be equally divided.
  • Task

    task-tab-proworkflowProworkflow is a workflow management software that offers a variety of task types and time-saving templates available for readymade use. Any time you can add tasks to the workflow using the task templates. It also has a user-friendly interface that simplifies task management and speedy task creation and allocation of jobs.

  • Contacts –contact-tab
    You can access clients and contractors and even get performance insights. Get hassle-free project management. It allows clients and contractors to set up profiles easily. 
  • Workflowworkflow-management
    You can get a workflow breakdown report from the timeline tab. Also, get an overview of projects & tasks. Effortlessly see employees logged in on time and what they are currently doing.
  • Resource Management-resource-management
    You can manage your employees, customers, and contractors. These are all potential resources for the project. ProWorkflow is by far the Best Online Project Management Software when it comes to managing your resources or workflows.

Go to
Settings > Reassignment tool > Reassignment tool popup – Where you get the right to assign or remove a staff member from existing Projects & Tasks or replace one staff with another. 

Options available for users include- Assign Staff to Projects & Tasks, Remove Staff from Projects (and all Tasks), Remove Staff from Tasks or Add Staff A to Staff B work (Projects & Tasks), Replace Staff A with Staff B.

  • Other Features Are Also Available as follows:
    • Templates

      task-templateWith the help of these templates, you can create projects, tasks, and quotes for your business.
      This software offers users time-saving template features and comprehensive reports so companies can focus on what matters most.
      It is the dashboard of the template builder.

    • Reporting


      Custom reports let you view detailed information about projects, tasks, time, finances, and staff and clients.

  • Invoices Manager- Handle all your invoices with the invoice manager dashboard to streamline all your invoices in one place.
  • Quotes Manager- You can use this dashboard to manage all your quotations in one place. A quoting and billing module ensures employees get paid on time.
  • Notification/Alerts- With ProWorkflow, you can get on-screen and email alerts to keep your team on track with what is happening in the business.
  • API- Easily integrate and extend ProWorkflow API to your business for easy data transfer.
  • Timesheet-  Easily generate your employee work with the help of a timesheet to know what employees are working on and which workers are busy right now.  
  • Mobile- You can track time, easily communicate and complete your tasks on the go using the mobile application of this software.
  • Collaborate- Easy interaction between staff, clients, and contractors.
  • Branding & Configuration
    Make your site look and feel exactly how you want it to and match it with your brand colors to make it look even more professional.

Let’s Look At The ProWorkFlow Customisable Dashboard-

You can customize your dashboard through ProWorkFlow software. Let us assume you are a brand name- GQ that wants to customize the logo and color scheme using the ProWorkflow dashboard. 

Step 1- Click on the User Icon and then click on Settings to go for the customization option of the dashboard.

Step 2- After Clicking on Settings, you can select the Looknfeel option to customize your dashboard with a logo and color theme.

On clicking the looknfeel dashboard, you will get customization options such as Colour scheme, change header & report logo.


Upload the GQ logo and add your color scheme, crop the image as per your needs, add the color scheme and click save.

Your new dashboard will look like this with a logo and color scheme!


Here you can see what the dashboard looks like and even check the active projects, the number of ongoing tasks, tasks priority, quoted budget, and quote accepted.  

ProWorkflow allows flexibility, power, and personalization and helps you tailor the software you want. Moreover, it receives continuous improvements through regular updates. 

From the dashboard, a company can keep track of everything.

1. Status of your project – Live, board, and Archive

Whether your project is in the planning phase, in progress, design, pending, or deliver status.  

1.1 Here is the list view of projects

1.2 Here is the Board View of your Projects
Best online project management software

Project Management is possible as it allows you to know the project status, whether pending, in design, planning, in progress, or delivered.

2. Task Status- List and Archive


Know when your task started and ended. Irrespective of whether it’s finished, is on hold, is being made, or is yet to begin. Moreover, you can see the amount of time allocated and consumed for each task.

3. Time- Timesheet, Timeline, and Calendar 

You can know which employee spent and how much time on a project. Which staff and clients’ work is finished or pending? You can generate a timesheet basis the billable hours, non-billable hours, etc.

3.1 Below is the Image of the Timesheet Dashboard 


3.2 Below is the Image of the Timeline Dashboard
4. Contacts

Enter the details of the companies and employees, including their contact numbers, email addresses, and locations.


5. Notes 

There are three clickable buttons in the Notes section – Add, Notes, and Category.

5.1 Notes section display has three green buttons: add, notes and category.

By clicking the notes button, you will get redirected to this page. From here, you can add your tasks to various categories. And even assign the tasks to someone and click on the Add
button to save the setting.

5.2 Image displaying how to create a new Note from the dashboard




In this section, you can add all the services, service descriptions, and rates and add whether the service would be taxable or not. And also add the staff member who would perform that service. You can have your quote setting saved. Moreover, you can also add fixed costs items and hourly services & use a quotes template for your business.


Click add button > You can add the quotes – line item, staff rate, and task rate. Also, you can apply a fixed as well as a % of discount on your total invoice.


When you click the create a quote button, a popup will appear with an image of the quote. The document can be downloaded as a pdf or sent to your client for billing purposes.

7. Invoice

You can export work as a PDF using the tools menu. It’s possible to export invoices as email, pdf, and duplicate files. 


Invoices can be seen and downloaded by clicking on their titles. For example- making themed scented candles will redirect you to another webpage.


You can also add invoices from a quote, project, or client.


8. Reports

When you click on the reports, generate reports in various categories. Click the filter from the mentioned categories and create customized reports tailoring your needs. You can group reports basis the tag, status, staff, priority, manager, and client category.


Let’s say, for example- you click on the project > summary of Projects >selected filter> grouped by the manager and click on the view button. A report displayed in the image below will be visible on your screen. Similarly, you can generate all such reports! 


Also, you can select a report from the following categories from my Reports! Let’s say you choose the amount remaining to invoice from the list of names stated in the – my reports section.


On selecting the same, you will see a report generated for – the amount remaining to invoice, as displayed below-

Best online project management software

Pricing Plan

When it comes to affordable pricing, ProWorkflow is the Best Online Project Management Software. This software offers monthly and annual plans. You get professional and advanced monthly packages ranging from 20$ to 30$.


They also offer annual plans starting at 18$ for professionals and 27$ for advanced users. 

proworkflow-reviewOn the ProWorkflow website, you can also calculate pricing basis your staff users, quoting, and invoicing requirements. 


  • It has an easy-to-follow layout for workflow management software.
  • Gantt Charts help keep a bird-eye view of projects allocated.
  • You can specify who will perform the task, the start and end dates, the rates, the number of hours, etc.
  • Prevent work overload by viewing staff availability for tasks.
  • Assignments, dates, categories, etc., are easily editable to meet your changing needs.
  • You can test it out for 15 days during the free trial period.


  • Task Dulipation is an awaited feature to add.
  • It offers enough services that you will want to have more.


ProWorkflow is the Best Online Project Management Software that is the most trusted by managers to streamline tasks and their management. Its online software lets you track activities, schedules, schedules, and deadlines and collaborate with clients and colleagues freely and efficiently. 

This tool simplifies all your daily processes- such as time-tracking solution, project planning, staffing, and invoicing. It also seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, FreshBooks, Zapier, and many other apps you use daily. ProWorkflow is a Pro in the workflow management space.

A great feature of this tool is that you can track employee workload and allow task priorities to ensure that every assignment gets wrapped up in time. We would love to hear about how you manage your workflow. Thanks for taking out the time to read this article.


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