SentryPC Time Management Solution|Review 2022|

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SentryPC is a dependable time management solution with a variety of applications. For example, businesses may use it to monitor their employees, or parents may use it to watch their children’s activities. 

One of the best in its class, the program provides extensive monitoring tools.

SentryPC serves as a sentry for numerous PCs connected to your network.

Let us know more about SentryPC in this SaasTrac review.

Let’s get started-

What is SentryPC? What Does It Accomplish?

SentryPC Review


SentryPC is a product of Spytech Software, Inc. 

The business introduced SentryPC in 2001 under Access Control Software and changed its name to its present one in 2005.

SentryPC is known for being a reliable computer monitoring program. 

Businesses, law enforcement, schools, and parents are some of its main user bases.

Businesses use it as employee monitoring software, educational institutions use it to keep tabs on students, and parents use it to watch children ensure they are using computers responsibly.

You may observe a variety of things about them with SentryPC, including the programs they use, the people they communicate with, the websites they visit, and much more. 

For more control over your users, use SentryPC’s time management solution to enforce use restrictions and stop shady behaviors by implementing detailed content filtering rules. 


SentryPC application suite combines time management, complete cloud-based computer monitoring, and content filtering software.

This real-time solution gives you the option of having convenient, secure cloud-based access to all data.

Any Internet-connected device can utilize SentryPC; just go to their mobile-responsive website and log in using your account and password. 

You can access all of the info from there using a laptop or an iPhone.

Check Some Technical Details|SentryPC Review|


  • Cloud Hosted


  • English


  • For Business
  • For Family
  • For Schools

Technical Specifications-

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 200x (both 32-bit and 64-bit) supported
  • Mac OS X 10.6+ and all macOS supported
  • 1MB hard disk space
  • The email address (required for an online account)
  • Internet access and a web browser (log transmission and online account access)
  • Only machines you own and have permission to track and command can have SentryPC installed on them.
What It Does


SentryPC is a powerful cloud-based tool for staff supervision, content screening, and time management. The system has a wide range of extraordinary control capabilities that help in preventing data breaches. 

An Overview| SentryPC Time Management Solution|

  • Cloud-Based Account

You can monitor activity logs and alter any user’s settings remotely by logging into your secure online account from any web-enabled device.

  • Compatible with Windows & Mac

Use your licenses for SentryPC on any combination of Windows and Macintosh; it is compatible with both.

  • Real-time Viewing

You may apply user settings to the remote computer and see user activity in front of you in real-time.

  • Stealth Operation

SentryPC runs completely covertly; optional warning messages come if desired.

  • Central Management

You can manage any number of PCs and users from your cloud account, even in several locations and networks.

  • Activity Alerts

You can check when a user attempts an action that you have filtered out or blocked by viewing a meticulous record of all blocked movements.

  • Top Usage Reports

View detailed usage stats that exhibit the activities performed frequently to identify the most active users.

  • Visual Charts

With a variety of display and selection choices, you can create simple-to-read visual charts from your recorded activities.

  • Activity Overviews

Without having to browse through comprehensive activity records, you can immediately check how active your PCs, users, and entire account is at any time.

  • Download Archives

Anytime you’d like, you can download every movement log kept in your cloud account for offline usage. Computers, users, and time are all filterable.

  • Easy to use

You won’t need to use the PC again after installing SentryPC because your web-based account will manage user settings and activity logs.

  • Free Updates

No upgrade fees or additional charges are applied, updates are available for free for the duration of your membership, and you can download them whenever you want.

Get started with time management solution SentryPC-

Monitor and control everything your employees do on the computer!

SentryPC Features|SentryPC Review 2022|


The program offers a wide range of monitoring features and is among the best in its category.

Key Features-|SentryPC Review 2022|

1. Activity Monitoring

SentryPC features thorough activity monitoring and recording of practically all computer user activity. Every recorded activity contains the precise date, time, and length of the event.

In addition to letting you know what users were doing when using the computer, this detailed reporting system is essential for preventing hazardous unwanted usage of the Internet and computers. 

You can select to monitor all activity, only a few, or none by turning on and off the monitoring capacities for every user.

2. Content Filtering

A critical aspect of this software is its robust content filtering capabilities from SentryPC.

You can filter websites, games, apps, and keywords on a user-by-user basis, 

Select the times of day and days of the week that the filter you set is permitted or prohibited.

Additional settings for each content filtering option include enabling/disabling, warning the user, closing the browser, etc.

You can set up automatic email notifications to receive instant notifications if user activity stops or a custom alarm is activated.

3. Geofencing

With Geofencing, you may define a virtual boundary around your specified “home” location and address. 

When a computer belonging to a user enters or leaves the fence you set up, SentryPC can generate notifications. SentryPC accomplishes this by keeping track of the computer’s geolocation when location services on an operating system are active/ enabled.

When enabled, you will also receive regular updates of the computer’s location, which you can view in your account as a map. 

This kind of geolocation is excellently precise and provides real-time status data for the computer.

4. Time Scheduling

SentryPC’s ability for time management is one of its vital characteristics. You can set the hours and days of the week that each computer user account can access the system.

A “maximum allowed” time can be defined in addition to the timetable for each day of the week or the entire week.

5. Remote Cloud Access

SentryPC is entirely cloud-based.

Just sign in to your secure online account to check logs and modify settings. 

Despite whether the computer is actually “online” or not, you always have access to your account.

Regardless of where you are in the globe, you may access your account using any web-enabled device, including a computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or anything!

SentryPC Affiliate Program


Getting started as an affiliate with SentryPC is free! You can earn a commission on all of your sales by just joining and recommending their items.

Each sale entitles you to a 40% commission!

Affordable Employee Monitoring Software



The cost will vary depending on how many PCs you want SentryPC to watch over.

Check plans-

1. Basic Plan
  • Single License- Manage 1 PC
  • 500 Screenshots– You can store up to 500 screenshots.
  • $59.95 / Year- $19.95 for each additional license.
2. Business 50
  • 50 Licenses- Manage up to 50 PCs
  • 500 Screenshots- You can store up to 500 screenshots
  • $995.00 / year- ($19.90 per license)
3. Business 100
  • 100 Licenses– Manage up to 100 PCs
  • 1,000 Screenshots– Store up to 1,000 screenshots
  • $1,595.00 / year- ($15.95 per license)

Additionally, you will receive these extra advantages with each purchase.

  • Instant Download

After making a purchase, you have immediate access to your cloud account and software.

  • Online Support

Through its online ticketing system, all customers receive free support.


  • Free Updates

Updates are available for download at any time and are free for the duration of your membership.

Get started right away without any hidden costs-

Monitor and control everything your employees do on the computer!


SentryPC strongly advises all customers to see the demo account before making a purchase to get a sense of how your own account will appear and work.

To sign in and test it out, click the button(View Demo Account) below.


When you press the button, SentryPC’s dashboard will open.

Refer to the screen below-


Here, you can check all features on the dashboard.

Account Activity screen


Before Buying, Give it a Try.

Pros & Cons

Pros|Affordable Employee Monitoring Software|

  • Easy Installation
  • For small and large enterprises, SentryPC is an affordable monitoring system.
  • Data Security
  • Time management solution


  • After a year, SentryPC needs renewal. You will, of course, also have free access to the newest software.
  • The more sophisticated features are limited to Windows exclusively in some cases.

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SentryPC is the solution for anyone searching for parental control software, whether they are a business looking for staff monitoring software or a worried parent.

SentryPC(time management solution) delivers a simple, easy-to-use staff monitoring solution for small enterprises on a budget without the expensive extras seen on other platforms. 

Business owners won’t feel they are forgoing necessary features because it is a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on those features, so they won’t feel like they are.

It is simple to implement and maintain the program because it is cloud-based. 

You can uncover important information using its straightforward search features, which display all employee activity in one convenient spot. 

Every event is recorded together with its precise time and date of occurrence. SentyrPC lets you stop the unauthorized or hazardous usage of your computers by both employees and children at home by delivering a thorough report of all activity.

SentryPC’s ability to thwart data loss and theft is another element we appreciate. 

SentryPC is our choice for being an efficient employee monitoring program that is inexpensive for small firms for numerous helpful benefits.

SentryPC provides necessary features like email monitoring, inactivity alerts, and data breach prevention measures for a modest cost, and we recommend this for being an amazingly affordable employee monitoring software.

Get Started-

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